jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

Crisis of ambivalence

"...We have also suffered a terrible crisis of effeminacy and moral laxity among the clergy, which in our case is accompanied by a generalized indifference to the integrity of Catholic doctrine and serious liturgical abuse. The sex abuse crisis, which is even worse today than it was in the eleventh century, has done terrible harm to thousands of innocent children and has damaged the Church's reputation immensely. ... We also face a crisis of authority today, but the cause is in this case an interior one, deriving from the unwillingness of many prelates to exercise their authority in defense of the faith and morals of the Church. The Catholic Church today does not suffer so much from the meddling of secular powers but from an internal crisis marked by an ambivalence about the very identity and mission of the Church itself. In that sense, it would seem to even more grave than the crisis of the eleventh century.


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